Code: MAB2


Medical face mask for multiple (70) use with binding tapes, made of trilaminate infectant-resistant membrane system. Class I. Medical equipment
Complies with standards:

EN14683 type IIR.

Embedded material:

1. ear part for attachment: textile tape 99% PES, 1% carbon fiber (antistatic function),
2. passepoil: 99% PES, 1% carbon fiber (antistatic function),
3. central part: trilaminate infectant-resistant membrane system
- outer side: 100% PES,
- core: PU membrane system,
- inner part: 100% PES.


70°, drying in a dryer at low temperature.


Dimensions: 18 x 9 cm
Height of open mask: 16,5 cm
Different colors of material.


Personal protection of users against the transmission of infections through the oral-nasal mucosa. Field of use:
- healthcare,
- care

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